Love  Blocks  Test

Find out what has been keeping you from attracting an amazing man to love!
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I absolutely Love working with single, amazing women like you,
to attract in your amazing man and create the relationship of your dreams and more.
I support you in finding the one you have been dreaming about,
the one you may have lost hope to ever find, the one you may have lost faith is out there at all!

Perhaps you better settle for an OK guy and a mediocre, unsatisfying relationship… Or some cats?

Can you recognize the above thought?

 This Heartset and Mindset is just one really good example of the kind of things
(unconscious beliefs, patterns and conditioning) that could be holding you back
and blocking you from going for and receiving the kind of love you desire.

It all starts with a deep sense of self-love.
This is the core of my work and from here you can attract in your one and keep him at your side.

You grow to be the woman that is so fulfilled that she naturally attracts the man she desires –
that man who is also so fulfilled and treats you just the way you want to be treated,
or even better than you could ever have imagined.
Become a queen with her king by her side who is there to support and nourish you.
Your rock that stands behind you in love and life,
no matter what kind of crazily strong and amazing woman you are!
It’s not that you need him because you are unhappy, weak or desperate or not enough on your own.
The mere relating with this loving, generous man provides a beautiful, fertile container that lifts you up.

You can get the man YOU desire, with all the things that are important to YOU individually.
And that is what I so love to help women do.


Hello, I’m Devi.

 My heart’s desire is to help you get to him (faster)!
My proven system has the power to clear away the blocks that are keeping you from him
and sets you on your path to true and lasting love.

 Get my free love blocks test below and learn how to be THAT woman starting right now!
Starting the journey towards your ideal man and the beautifully cherished, adoring
and enriching relating, you will be experiencing with him.

Love  Blocks  Test

Find out what has been keeping you from attracting an amazing man to love!
Sign up for my newsletter and get the free test as your welcome gift here >>

As soon as you start to deeply love yourself
you vibrate at a totally different and higher frequency.

Pulling in better and better men that are also of a higher vibration.
Appreciative and deep men, men that love themselves and do not feel threatened by you
but want to rise higher and higher together with you. Men whose happiness is your happiness.
Men who are emotionally intelligent and can communicate.
Men who welcome intimacy.

These amazing men want all these things and more in their woman too.
They don’t desire a victim, a drama queen that doesn’t have her own emotions under control,
projects her issues onto them and generally just does not inspire them to be the best men they can be
with her way of being and communicating. It is this woman, The Queen, that he desires to be a King for.
And it is her that I help bring out in you, in full power, shining, self-confident and just totally amazing.

I too have been there! I dreaded dating and thus never did it.
I was so low on self-confidence I avoided physical intimacy at all costs
and never even wanted to go swimming so I wouldn’t be seen semi-naked.
At the same time I was so hungry for love, but not admitting it to myself, and if at all,
just for short periods of time, just before giving up on it again.
It was just like the Yo-Yo effect with diets. My relationships, If I had one in between my long spells of singledom,
were either non-committal from his side (super painful and degrading),
or I played it safe with a safe option that I didn’t truly desire
and that didn’t give me what my heart and soul were really craving for.

Then, at age 30 I decided enough is enough!
I had been with my then boyfriend for 3 years and it was not going in the direction
towards more intimacy, depth and closeness that I desired.
I desired EPIC LOVE ever since loving men started in my life as a young woman.
I knew this is what I wanted. And, having manifested all kinds of other awesome things into my life,
like my coaching business and my wonderful free and easy, love-filled life in general
(except in the love department at that time), I knew it is possible for me to do the same with love!

I had done a lot of work on my self and I grew up in a very spiritual
but also down to earth environment. Now it was time for me to put what I knew
into action and to learn much more about attracting Love into my life.
And this knowledge, together with my coaching skills,
is the super effective and systematic, yet also very individual work I am offering to women like you.
I am intuitive, inspiringly vibrant, non-judgemental, honest and gentle in my work with women one-on-one
or in my group love coaching programs.

Ready to learn how love coaching with Devi can help you build the love-life your heart desires?

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