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Do you know what is keeping you from Love? Why some people can have it, experience it, live it day in and day out and you haven’t so far?
Do you feel somehow just unlucky in Love or even cursed?
Can you just not wrap your head around the reason you keep having painful, disappointing experiences with Love?

In Today’s Love-Lesson I explain in an easy to understand way, why you are experiencing what you are experiencing (a lack of Love for example). Why is it that you can have such a strong desire but either events or your own behaviour starts to turn against you? Especially once you have made some headway, gone a little towards your dream and suddenly it all comes crashing down.

Your thoughts start turning in unhelpful directions, you get unwanted emotions like jealousy, neediness, fear of abandonment, doubt and that makes you act in ways that are totally sabotaging the beautiful Love story that has begun to unfold. Or unraveling the empowering new decisions you have made for your wellbeing.

That is one very powerful way the unconscious mind can keep you just where you are. Where you don’t desire to be but you are safe, your unconscious mind knows this and knows you can survive here – so why risk a change?

Bliss, ecstasy, intimacy beyond what you have known so far, Love – those are all risks for your unconscious. Risks of change where you might be hurt, your ego might be threatened, you might grow and not conform to your norm anymore, the norm that has kept you alive so far. The norm that is working – why risk that?

Do you want to take your unconscious mind into consideration? Be able to tell it that you, as an able adult want to make these changes. Alleviate its fears about your survival and let it know THAT THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT. Get it to work with you instead of against you?

Watch todays Vlog where I tell you about the power your unconscious mind has over your experience of life!


If you have enough of the not-so-very-merry-go-around and are totally ready to change those limiting beliefs, get your unconscious mind on your side like I just talked about. I am ready for you. I am here for you with my 6 step system to get your amazing man, all my heart and all my soul to support you in having amazing love come to you. I am ready to support you in being able to create the attraction that the high quality man you seek needs to feel with you. And I am ready to support you in your ability to hold on to that love – to let it flow through you and your every day life. To stop your sabotage programming from taking over and ruining everything yet again or choosing the wrong guy in the first place. Are you ready?
Apply for one of the 3 coaching spots that are still available to work with me. I am looking for my next love-story. Let that be you making your love dream come true! 2 spots of 5 have already been taken – it’s up to you sweetness!

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