So Sweetness

How’s your dating life? Are you getting lots of dates?

Dating is such an AMAZING learning opportunity about many things like…
Yourself (preferences, rather not’s, OMGYesses, inner blocks etc.)
Exploring Men 
Confidence and being at ease with yourself
And the list goes on…

So how can woman encourage men to ask her out on dates? So she can learn all these great things and you know what? MEET HER MAN!

Watch this weeks Vlog to find out (And yes, you may have to leave your comfort zone just a little, just as you would with anything that you aren’t currently doing but will improve your life SO MUCH!)



PS: Want to be part of the free 7 day challenge “Getting Truly Ready for Love”? 

We start on the 11th of September 2017 and I would be so honoured to walk with you a little ways on your path to amazing Love!


Does Your Love-Life Need Support?

If you are ready to be magically supported in your journey to amazing love and to begin doing things in a new way so you get what you want from a man that you want, apply to meet with me online in a FREE "Empowered Path to Love Session". In this session we will design your 3 step love plan together and have a feel if you and me are a good match to finally attract in your soul-partner.

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