So Yes, online dating is great. but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and, even if it is your cup of tea, meeting men when you are out and about is a wonderful resource and growth opportunity for you!
Of course, when you meet a man live you already know much more whether there is that spark between you. It’s like the first few minutes of the first date with someone you met online have already happened.
Now if you want to find out where to meet men that fit your lifestyle, your values and your wishes, watch today’s Vlog and I’ll tell you all about it. Also I share with you an important attitude shift so that when you are in those places men actually come up to you!

Tomorrow I will publish an amazing surprise for you, which I have been working on feverishly 🙂
It’s a test to determine which is your biggest Love block. And, of course, what to do about it!
So stay tuned for that, I am so excited about it! To make changes in what we experience in life, it is essential to understand the reason why our life isn’t the way we desire it to be. Once we have uncovered that reason (or probably a few reasons) we can make informed decisions and actions steps!

I send you Love and many amazing men!
Super Warmly,

Does Your Love-Life Need Support?

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