Hello Love

If you are feeling like there is no way you can trust men again.
Like you have been hurt and heartbroken one too many times now.

Or you just feel stuck in life.
As if the joy has been drained out of you by stress and worry.
Like there is no moving forward and you are on repeat…

If that is you, I have recorded today’s video for you!
Elevate your mood, let the past go, release pent up emotions and traumas,
that are stuck and wreaking havoc in your body, without you even realising it!

(New: A written version of the Vlog will follow below the video shortly)

Here are the links I talk about in the Video:
Kundalini short instruction:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9arM…
Kundalini Osho’s longer explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efBaC…
Kundalini Music on Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ch/album/osh…
The Music is from the Artist Deuter. You can also find it on Amazon and Youtube I believe.

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Have a joyful & juicy day,

PS: Here is the transcript of the video:

Hello and welcome to today’s “Sassy Saturday” vlog!

My name is Devi, I’m a love and life coach and today I want to introduce you to one my favourite methods for releasing the past, to heal old traumas, to get unstuck, get moving and to become juicy again in life.

So, this method is a meditation and first I want to talk to you about what stress and trauma actually does to us. When we feel stressed, which all of us do to a more or lesser degree (there is also a kind of positive stress which actually gets you moving and doing things), then there is also a kind of negative stress, where you think, “ugh this doesn’t feel good, I feel overwhelmed, I have adrenaline pumping through my system, I can’t sleep, my thoughts are going crazy, all the problems are up in my head”, and it can feel like that in business, at work, in a relationship, with money, in all kinds of areas. So, this method is really very very positive for all of those areas. This is really a loving life lesson today!

If you’ve ever watched an animal whenever they have a confrontation or face fear, when the situation is over, they shake! They shake their whole body! Like a dog shakes or also many other animals. They all shake or move in some way, they might even kick, and they just really get rid of that energy.

Also, when they are joyful, when they are happy, they’re jumping around, they’re experiencing these strong emotions and they express them physically. Most of us don’t do that anymore.

We have all been a child, and if you’ve seen children, they jump with joy when they are happy, they move their body when they’re devastated, they go crazy when they’re mad and angry, so moving is a big part of expressing emotions by the body.

Unfortunately, most of us adults don’t do that anymore. We’ve been taught to not really express emotions, not verbally, not physically, not crying. It’s not done, it’s not proper. Even though that’s changing a lot at the moment, it’s still very engrained. So wherever the past generations have experiences, it’s always still present within the current generations. So that is still very much present for us, to not show our emotions, especially not in public, but even a lot of us have difficulties feeling emotions in the privacy of our own homes.

What I want to encourage you to do is to get shaking! Shaking has been scientifically proven to release trauma, to release stress and also to release pent-up emotions that are causing you to not feel good. Pent-up emotions could be like feeling more or less depressed, maybe you feel kind of numb, maybe you feel you lack motivation, like there is no point to life, these kind of feelings.

A lot of physical ailments can be caused by our repressed emotions, through not dealing with our stress and by not expressing it or releasing it physically. The adrenalin that comes with stress really makes your body ready for action- fight or flight, what am I gonna do? Both of those, fighting and “flighting” (which is running away), will cause your body to actually move. But instead of moving with all that adrenaline in our bodies, we just sit in our office chair, or on our bed, depressed, and nothing is happening. We’re not moving our bodies at all!

My favourite way to get unstuck, to really get moving in life again begins simply with shaking. I had that kind of a day yesterday, where I felt nothing was moving and I didn’t feel like doing anything. I just totally went into that feeling, but today I want to get out of that feeling again. It’s fine to be in those feelings for a while but you don’t want to wallow in them. You need to get moving again. So after filming this vlog, I am going to do the Osho Kundalini Meditation.

It is a beautiful, one hour meditation. You can download the music for it on Amazon or on iTunes and I am going to post links below that will take you to a short version of the instructions, a longer explanation of how to do the meditation and then also what Osho said about it. Osho is a spiritual master, a teacher and guide that has been with me nearly all of my life. Regardless whether you find him as a person inspiring or not, he designed many beautiful meditations as well as the Osho Kundalini meditation and I highly highly recommend that you do this one at least once a week ok?

To get shaking, you really get loose, you start to shake your whole body, you start letting it happen and I promise you afterwards you’ll feel a lot more juicy, a lot more optimistic, more clear, more alive, more blissful, more free. It releases so much pent-up energy that we keep stored in our body from not using our body to express what is going on in our psyche and emotions. As our body is linked to our feelings, you can simply use your body to release those feelings and this will also make your body feel better. It’s a kind of back and forth, reciprocal relationship.

Therefore, if you feel like you’ve been stuck in a pattern or your life is not moving forward or maybe you feel like you’ve lost the joy for life, I highly recommend that you check out this meditation. Try it a few times, as it takes a little bit of getting used to before you can really let go. There is a delicious dancing stage where you just move your body totally freely. That doesn’t mean in a groovy, “yeah baby”, kind of way that you were taught is cool or acceptable, but you just listen to your body and how it wants to move, where it wants to go and how energetic it feels. Be really present with your body!

I’m all about embodiment, so we want to embody love, we want to embody the things that we are looking attract into our lives, including what we are looking for in our partner!

So enjoy this meditation and I hope you do it right now, this weekend!

Have a beautiful sassy Saturday and I’ll be seeing you next week!

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