Bodily  Goddess!

Use your body to lift your mood, up your vibe, become more sexy, attractive and juicy!
Use Dance to get past stuckness, low energy, bad moods, anger, frustration and hurt.

I have made an awesomely juicy playlist just for you with 50+ songs in it to suit any purpose of the above. Especially getting your sexy and attractive vibe on.
Watch the Vlog to see how exactly you can use dance to truly transform your life!

I also recommend checking out any free dancing that is happening in your area. Where there is no need to look cool or good or proper and you can let it all out! Your sexy tiger, your frustrated bitch, your angry siren, your soft kitten and shy deer 🙂
All is welcome! I can recommend ecstatic dance (they have events worldwide) or 5 rhythms.
Or you just go to a party or club and decide to not give a *%&@! Haha, now that would be brave and just a little crazy I guess…

So, here is your Vlog, enjoy and DANCE!
(Come join our facebook Love Goddesses group and post your favourite song or a picture of you dancing 🙂

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