Dear Beauty

Do you ever find yourself fearing you might not be good enough for an amazing man? That, if he would suddenly appear, he would find you lacking? Or not attractive? Or would loose interest sooner than later?
The feeling of not being good enough is a wide spread phenomenon in our society and goes along nicely with feeling undeserving and unworthy.
This feeling of not enough could very well be what is stopping you from attracting an amazing man into your life and from living in a harmonious, joyful, loving, deep and lasting relationship with him.

I guide you through a beautiful meditation today to get in touch with a place within you that feels like home. Where you know you are good enough. Do this mediation frequently to keep your vibration high, to keep that feeling of being enough in your energy field, to dispel any feelings of not being enough in some way or another. (We all have different whys, reasons we don’t think and feel we are enough).

Enjoy beauty! And let me know how it was for you πŸ™‚


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