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Find out what has been keeping you from attracting an amazing man to love!
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You  Are  Amazing

But still you are not fulfilled in your love-life?

There’s no men? Not the right kind of men?

You are single since… forever? And feeling frustrated? 

Maybe even hopeless or worthless, unlovable or just super un-lucky?

Transform your mindset, your heartset and your life to attract in Your One!

I have been there too!

In the past I have been single for ages, several times.
I had my first boyfriend at 19, which I thought was very late,
and he couldn’t commit to me and we were in a very painful
on-and-off relationship for 3 years.
I have settled for sweet men that didn’t fulfil me.

I have made desperate attempts to be with people who didn’t appreciate me, 
respect my boundaries or make me feel safe and cherished at all. 
I was feeling frustrated at being single and yearning for intimacy and the deep fulfilment 
I had envisioned to happen in Love since I was a young girl.

At some point, a few years ago, I said STOP!
Stop this madness of feeling like there was something wrong with me,
like I was not good enough for the kind of man I dreamed of,
that I was somehow unattractive to that kind of man,
or unable to keep him, not enticing, charming or generally worthy enough.

And so I set out on a search to stop being this sorry-for-herself-victim,
that never gets her love. The kind of deep and intimate love, that her heart longed for.

I learned and re-discovered SO MANY THINGS.

It became clear, that I have to take all that is in my spirit
and all my knowledge and get it out to other women.
Women who are sitting in the hopelessly lost boat, floating to nowhere,
where I was sitting. Feeling (secretly) forlorn and unwanted.
Women who have accepted an unfulfilling love-life and are (or were) ok with it.
Inwardly maybe even a little ashamed because in society’s eyes,
being single seems to mean failure.
Women who are unsure what to do about it or if there is even anything to be done!


I empower women to transform all that is holding them back,
in 1-on-1 or group love coaching

Your past, your patterns and beliefs are blocking you from love.
Your inaction and non-commitment to amazing love are keeping you from it.
And the belief or feeling that it is shameful or desperate to be looking for or longing for love.


Love is our birthright and the human being can reach unbelievable heights
with the love and support of another.

Some people reach these heights by sitting in a cave in the himalayas
and eating three grains of rice a day. And bless them, but that is not my way!
I encourage my abundance, my lust for life and Love, my wild woman side, 
my soft, my seductive and my girly side and much more.
And I want to encourage you to do the same!

For this is the kind of woman that attracts in an amazing high quality man, in a natural and flowing way,
who has just the qualities that you desire in a man.
In the balance where she lays back and receives and where she can take clear and directed action,
with the surety of her whole strength and fire behind her. Her inner world guiding her clearly towards him.

If this sounds like something that you are burning to experience, I invite you to take action now!

Or are you waiting for the right timing (since when?), or the right body, or the right ……
(insert your circumstance here that you believe is preventing you from going for Love NOW)?

Women tend to take everything very personally that happens to them with others,
especially in romantic relationships.
And so our past “failed” experiences can eat away at our self-esteem,
self-love and thus our standards lower and we attract in more and more
experiences that prove exactly those experiences to be right.
That’s how our subconscious works – always working to prove our beliefs true.
And you can use this knowledge about your subconscious to bring it on board
and help transform your love-life much more easily!

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Client  Experiences  with  Devi

It’s our Birthright to Love and Feel Loved

Devi is a wonderful love coach. It`s profound work where you go deeply and find your own blocks, on how you perceive yourself and men. Why you call certain types of men into your life and how you can seriously change that to find the partner that you deserve.

I felt supported and uplifted in a beautiful way, experienced lot`s of heart opening, release of pain and shame
and some great tips and action steps for my daily love-life ?

I can recommend Devi as a loving, big hearted and knowledgeable coach, who not only coaches with passion,
but meets you without judgement and holds space where you feel seen, valuable and where you realise that it`s our birth right to love and feel loved with the truly matching partner! Therefore 100% recommendation.

Thank you Devi!

I Am Completely Worthy

The very first day of the course was exactly one year after my former lover and I completed our roller-coaster-ride. That first night I already met an amazing vibes were very high and we were very comfortable. That was a total win for me, even if nothing further happened with him.

I enjoyed the exercises and gave it 100%. Our processes in the course helped me finally complete the issues caused by my dads neglect. I realised that feeling worthy of a mans time and attention was an issue for me..

The course has helped me realise at a deeper level that I am completely worthy.

Men are asking me to dance. I do notice good looking older men checking me out, as I do them. That feels great. I know I am so much closer to him with my feelings of worthiness, the great exercises I keep doing and divinely inspired action steps.

We all need to take 100% responsibility for everything we are attracting. You can use the course to dig out and let go of negatives, so you can attract what you want! The live coaching calls were very helpful, I appreciated the insights Devi offered very much.

Devi, you were wonderful as our Love Coach. The course was excellent!


A Nourishing Connection

Devi is such a great, kind and loving person. Her positivity and humour are uplifting - she always spreads a good vibe and tranquility. She is open, clear and thinks out of the box.
I experience a nourishing connection to her through her deep compassion and empathic spirit.
Thanks again for your divine patience Devi!

Lots of Love

 Become  a  Queen

Who feels Lovable, has surety that that which she desires is totally possible, that knows her own depths and is able to communicate and bare these. Beautifully vulnerable and strong at the same time. An amazing woman with all the possibilities that reside within you unfolding in the presence of your amazing man. Rising to heights you yourselves couldn’t even imagine before.

Love  Blocks  Test

Find out what has been keeping you from attracting an amazing man to love!
Sign up for my newsletter and get the free test as your welcome gift here >>